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What are my chances of finding an employment?

Your prospective chance of being recruited as the most suitable candidate for any vacancy solely depends on the contents of your CV. The best your qualifications and experience match the employers' requirements, the better your chances. The candidates should keep in mind that the highest qualification does not necessarily meet the accurate requirements for a specific vacancy.

What salary could I expect to earn?

Due to the variation in salaries between the countries and even between employers, no exact indication of a salary can be offered. Based on age, experience, qualifications, scarcity of skills and even your country of origin, might play a role in the salary offered. But salaries in these countries are of the highest in the world. When taken into account that your employer pays for your accommodation, air tickets, transport, and medical and the fact that no income tax is payable, you would expect a salary much higher that what you could earn in your country of origin or in any other country in the world.

Will I be paid in US$?

Although salaries are normally negotiated in US$, you would almost all possibility to be paid in the currency of the respective country. Unlike with many currencies, the currencies of almost all the Arabian countries (including Saudi Arabia and the UAE), are fixed to the dollar and would not depreciate in value when compared to the US$. This actually means that when the Rand becomes "weaker", you earn more money.

Can I send money home?

Of course the hard earned Money could be sent home by electronic transfer, either through a bank or a transfer agency. It actually takes two working days to have the money transferred into your home account. Transfer costs depends on the facility utilized, banks are virtually more costly than sub-standard transfer agencies.

What is the cost of living?

When compared to most countries the cost of living is not that much higher in both the UAE and Saudi Arabia. While earning a modest salary, you must be able to save the largest portion of salary. The candidate should remember that employer pays for everything, all you have to spend for food and clothing. It is when you visit some tourist places that it could be expensive experience.

Can employment be guaranteed?

Only the future employer actively determines which candidate of the ones submitted for a specific vacancy, would be professionally interviewed and employed. Any Recruitment Agency acts as the middleman, bringing the employer and prospective candidates together. No agency could and must ever guarantee employment.

Is there any cost involved?

Normally in all cases there are no costs involved as the employer pays for your air tickets, visa and medical.

Are there vacancies available?

Vacancies in all fields of employment are more often, if not always, available. Due to the huge advertising costs, it is not always practical to advertise all relevant vacancies. Even on all Job Portal website only senior vacancies are advertised. You should always keep in mind that even if a specific vacancy in your field is not available at any given moment, then our Lexm Recruitment associates would positively have the vacancy you are looking for, available.

Where will I live?

It is cinch that your employer offers fully furnished accommodation. This might be a villa, townhouse or a studio (flat), based on your level of seniority. In all cases you must not share accommodation. With exception of some hospitals' nursing staff they are allowed to share a two-bedroom flat. Many organizations (employers) have their own "compounds" where their potent staff lives. A compound generally includes several kinds of accommodation mentioned, a grocery store, much needed restaurant, dry cleaner, lucrative gymnasium, tennis courts and fascinating swimming pool.

How long can I work there?

Generally the given Work contracts would cover a two-year period, but certain exceptions do exist. It is trusted that almost all health related contracts are one-year contracts. While in the IT field, contracts could be shorter than one year. You might work in these countries as long as you wish, but contracts have to be periodically renewed while it expires. Mostly the profitable employers choose employees who are prepared to work at their firm for longer periods. You can’t become citizen even when you work in the UAE and Saudi Arabia for many years.

Is there an age restriction?

In latest development it is said that the UAE changed their age requirements. When over fifty, it would be very difficult to be employed. If an employee is urgently required (e.g. a scarce medical specialist) the employer would have to motivate the appointment. If in case while already working there, a person could stay on after turning fifty, generally up to the age of fifty- five. While in Saudi Arabia there is no age restriction applies.

Can I resign from my job?

You could resign at any possible time. If you are going to resign, your employer would not oblige to pay your air ticket home. It is most important to note that no employee could resign and start working with another company. While point of resignation your visa is terminated. So you have to leave the country and could only return for a new contract after entire term of the contract expired. There is still exception rule which helps candidate where your employer had to issue you with a "Letter of no Objection", and then you might start working for a new employer immediately. Such a case would rarely be issued.

How do employers treat employees?

Generally the employees are treated well. The westerners also treated well where they fall mostly under senior and not appointed as labor. The stories which convey western females being treated badly are not realistic.

Can I take my family with me?

There are two kinds of work contracts exist, respectively Married Status and Single/Bachelor Status. The status of a contract would directly relate to the seniority of the position. It is said that less than ten percent of all contracts are Married Status contracts. This virtually implies that the changes of bringing family with when going to work in these countries depend on your position. Medical doctors, senior engineers and other executives would normally be awarded a Married Status contract.

In present criteria the employees would cinch approach their employer after working for a few months, requesting permission for the family to join the employee. Almost in all cases the permission granted, but on the condition that the employee should bear all costs. The best possible time to negotiate a Married Status contract is when your contract is up for renewal.

What is the difference between a married status and a single status?

A Married Status contract includes the whole family. The employer is paying for suitable family accommodation, visa, air tickets, medical cover and normally school fees. A Bachelor/Single status contract includes the employee only.

Are there schools for my children?

Due to the high cosmopolitan nature of the workforce, schools for almost every nationality could be found in most of the cities. Two kinds of private English schools normally exist, first kind of those following the British curriculum and secondly those following the American curriculum.

Can I my family visit me?

Family can of course visit. It is normally a long process to arrange such a visit to Saudi Arabia (up to three months), but a visit to the UAE (Dubai) could be positively arranged within a few days. For employees in Saudi Arabia, it is best advised to meet their families in Dubai. It is facile to arrange and also much cheaper.

Will my employer provide transport?

It depends on your contract type. The employer would always cover your salary with transport allowance for office based employees. It could be a vehicle allotted to you or company transport to and back from work by bus for other cases.

What is the weather like?

Both UAE and Saudi Arabia countries are very hot and humid during summer.

Can I drive and buy a car?

Any employee could buy and drive a car in the UAE. In Saudi Arabia females are not allowed to drive at all.

Candidates to pay for the recruitment charges to the agency?

Lexm does not accept money from candidates and candidates are proposed to the employers purely on merit basis.